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Customer satisfaction is most important to us and we always strive to fulfill your individual requirements. Our range of services includes shipping of new, fabricated and used parts.

Years of experience enable us to make the decision of which parts to reuse, rework or replace.

Services Overview:

Refitting of engines, transmissions, drivetrains and entire bikes.
Overhauling of bearing and O-ring seats

Cylinder and head rework

-Valve seat rework
-Cylinder head planing
-Welding and milling of cracks and breaks
-Counterboring and honing of cylinder surfaces

Engine block rework

-Engine case planing
-Counterboring of main bearing and camshaft lines


-Chrome plating and grinding of bearing pins
-Press fitting of connecting rod bushes
-Crack testing
-Rework of connecting rod bores
-Bearing ring fitting